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Chasing Phantoms

A series of Phantom impression begin to operate across a spectral villa, fragments of time collide as different characters drift between existences. A series of narratives form new impression within the cast surface, these colliding narratives are drawn out through projected light and the observers perception of the space as it shifts.


Learning from the early phantasmagoria’s that held audiences in a state of disbelief during their operation, Chasing Phantoms constructs iterative models and drawing processes to develop elements that can inform the ways in which we might perceive representations of space that are beyond our understanding. The design of optical obscures, stereoscopic schisms and compressed spaces reveal the architectural Villa that houses these occurrences.

As a cast landscape, Chasing Phantoms brings together a series of projected film narratives into a collection of cast and digitally fabricated components. Through these projections new realities are teased out, spatial complexities become formed through the faintest touch of projected film.

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