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Canvas Glitch (Work in progress)

Created by an accidental error in the process of a LiDAR 3D scanning, Canvas Glitch with impressions of self reveals a new landscape of the machines own vision, reformed without user input.


Occurring during the process of surveying a building in Hooke Park, Dorset, the standard conventions of architectural representation, the Axonometric and Plan, reveal a digital space asking to be explored further. Investigation reveals, digital warping and folded pockets of spatial intrigue with the operator caught in the scan and projected back into space, now merged with the optical survey. Further studies generate the machines vision through digital modeling and deformation for verification of the error.

Further analysis of the erroneous scan reveals an opportunity to reverse engineer and fabricate a new world that is unique to the scanners own eye. Digital scripts developed to invert and reform the panoramic deformation (below) allow for similar occurrences to be played out with other spatial scenarios.

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