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Casa Sperimentale

The Casa Sperimentale, also known as the Casa Albero - the Treehouse by Giuseppe Perugini, Uga de Plaisant and Raynaldo Perugini was built 1967-1975 in Fregene, a small coastal resort near Rome. It has been designed as a holiday home to explore ideas developed by Perugini with Bruno Zevi and follows the Seven Rules for Architecture by the APOA, the Organisation for the Organic Architecture.


The building is currently abandoned and in a fragile state.

Sabine Storp and Patrick Weber are working over the last years to document the history and the current state of the structure.

This 3D scan was done in April 2018 and has been made possible through a Research funding by the Bartlett School of Architecture, ULC, London.


The exhibition is part of the 100Jahre Bauhaus events in Germany. The film has been exhibited in the Architekturgalerie am Weissenhof in Stuttgart from the 16.01. - 03.03.2019 as part of our exhibition showcasing our research so far.

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