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The Lost and Found Test Bed

The architectural test bed is an dynamic generative model created to be a susceptible collaborator to the colour aesthetic of the RGB-3. Through a series of earlier experiments the language of the RGB-3 was discovered to operate with similar principles to Kandinsky’s colour theory (white being pregnant with potential and back being dead) and in turn this desire for productive output dictated the aesthetic style of the model.

Through careful calibrations of the architectural model a series of repeatable experiments are able to be undertaken. These calibrations include:


  • Camera Armatures; Camera mounts that allow for a series of complex movements to be recreated both physically and in the digital re-animation process. 

  • RGB-3 Registration Markers; Colour registration markers for accurate locating and placement of the raw RGB-3 output.

  • Film Calibration; A series of colour balance and exposure strips, alongside focal step targets form a series of internal standardised film logic's.

Along with these calibrations the RGB-3 is itself placed into the test bed as a camera component. Operating along the same armatures as the cameras allows the RGB-3 to gauge an individual and unbiased set of measurements in relation to the test bed’s orchestration.

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