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l+f Iterations (RGB-3 Deployment)

The RGB-3's raw output shows ways in which the device collapses and reconfigures the film plane (See RGB-3 Diagram). Through this process new realities are revealed of an aesthetic incarnation that holds new possibility for the architectural design process.

Iteration 06

Iteration 06, the sixth orchestration of the architectural test bed, explores Sophia’s observations of fleeting photogrammetric wagtails in the 31st century. This exploration is directed by the outcomes of iteration 05, in which H.R. was trying to find an alternative fuel for the sorting machine that had ground to a stop due to illegal harvesting of its primary fuel, pollen. Whilst H.R. watches the birds, Sophia is at work charting their precise movements for her own research.

The translational film reveals the newly configured hybrid narrative;

Upon a photogrammetricly calibrated bird table Sophia is observing the operations of a series of wagtails. One is perfectly calibrated to be watched on the RGB spectrum, another is a dominant colour male protruding from his surroundings and finally a mother and child are chasing each other fleetingly. As she observes the wagtails, she reveals herself ascending into the lost and found, whilst seemingly the wagtails now turn their gaze to her from on high.

Through the translational drawing of this orchestration structural parts of the lost and found and revealed, alongside an image of Sophia’s legs ascending the watery dock, her face is obscured by a wagtail aiming to get a closer look at her movements. Meanwhile in the background a bird tower is spotted, where these wagtails are collecting their research on the lost and found. Simultaneously a wave of green J-Curve radiation runs across the island, causing Sam to rush to his vacant recording station.

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