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In the effort to avoid controversial Olympic moments the organisation and execution of Olympic Games has changed drastically over the last 40 years. Evolving issues and constantly changing social situations have caused controversial moments both during games and their organisation process. With a large amount of pressure now being put on organising a controversy free Olympic games, but what actions need to be put in place to truly understand issues that have plagued previous games?

Creating an archive of objects that can be learnt from when proposing an Olympic bid, Resonance allows organizers to understand common; or not so common; issues which could be faced when organizing their own games. With the ability to repair and sustain items that have been damaged due to disregard, Resonance creates a shell which protects the fragile evocative objects that are required for discussion, creating a series of spaces to both benefit the public and private understanding of this objects that require a truly unique perspective on their own history and how they inform the future of Olympic legacy.

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