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The New Man

Fabrication and adaptation of a set design by Thomas Pearce and Mara Kanthak, constructed as part of a bartlett ARF. The project comprised of a series of stage set pieces that were free standing and activated throughout the performance, recreating a 1927 performance by choreographer Jakob Klenke.

Set design, video work and artistic design by Thomas Pearce in collaboration with Mara Kanthak and performers Heike Bröckerhoff, Moritz FrischkornJonas Woltemate performed at Kampnagel, Hamburg, May 2018

With the goal to ship the completed stage set to Hamburg with the limit of 2 peoples EasyJet Luggage allowance the project took on a unique component based design philosophy. In turn each piece breaks down into a series of different components for transportation in containers of no more then 20kg and 275cm length.

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